Monday, November 11, 2013

Writers' Workshop Done and Done!

I want to thank all the writers who attended my writers' workshop on Saturday, "Insider Secrets to Publishing your First Novel".  We had a great turnout for a good cause-- Camden Friends Building Fund. I hope that everyone who attended left with a few tidbits of information they can use to take that next step in getting their book published.  I had a great time talking with everyone. Is there anything better than a room full of writers? 

As we were leaving, someone asked me the one book on writing I would recommend. There are many great books out there, but I would say read Stephen King's On Writing. I think a 10th anniversary edition was just released. 

And while you're there (warning, shameless plug alert) take a look at Just Like Other Daughters.  I'm getting great reviews, which I have to confess thrills me. I've been writing all these years and suddenly I'm getting noticed. It's little bit like going to the senior prom in a pretty dress . . . after you get your braces off.  See Andi's review on Bringing the Sunshine. Andi has a son, Nathan, with Down syndrome, so her positive review of my book means a lot to me.  I'm so glad I was able to share the essence of my Chloe with readers. 

And now, after a week of preparing for the workshop, and promoting Just Like Other Daughters, it's back to work, doing what writers do.  Write.

Happy Veteran's Day!!

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