Saturday, February 15, 2014

Done! Tied! Fini!

Nothing feels better than finishing a book. Not a good review, not even a royalties check. I've typed the words THE END for almost ninety manuscripts-- around a hundred if I count the novellas I've written over the years. Yet there's still an amazing thrill when I write that last page. Talk about a weight off my shoulders. I can physically feel the release.  

This week I finished CLOSER THAN SISTERS which will be out in November 2014. It's another "women's fiction" book, whatever that means. (By the reviews posted on Amazon for JUST LIKE OTHER DAUGHTERS, I can see that men read this type of fiction, too.) I still have to read the whole book through again; now I'm just touching it up, primping it, preparing it to go out in the world.  But it's done and I'm amazed that I wrote a book. I know that sounds crazy because that's what I do. I write books.  But like most writers I know, when I start the first page, the end seems so far in the distance, I can't imagine ever reaching that last page.

But I did.

AND in other good news, Kensington is reprinting JUST LIKE OTHER DAUGHTERS.

So, I'm feeling rather successful today. Too bad it only lasts a day! 

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  1. I wonder why you don't have many of your older books listed on kindle ebooks. Some of the older print is absolutely tiny, (no eye problems, of course) and it's difficult to read. I enjoy your work and would like to read more. I particularly enjoy the historical romance. Thank you.