Monday, October 14, 2013

Last week I had the honor of meeting Sharon Simons, author of MOM AT LAST. Coming from a family with adopted siblings, nieces and a new daughter-in-law, the subject of adoption has always been close to my heart.  I've always thought that parents who give up children for adoption make the greatest sacrifice a parent can make; it's truly a selfless act of love. And those of us who receive that gift, that precious child, not born of our bodies . . .  The thought brings tears to my eyes.

Anyway, if you love adoption stories like I do, you need to read Sharon's book.  She delves into the heartbreaking subject of infertility, sharing her personal journey and then the journey she and her husband Rick, make to Siberia. She brings home not one son, but two.  You have to read this book!!

Buy Sharon's Book!

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