Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My First Review for As Close As Sisters


Issue: November 1, 2014
As Close as Sisters.
Advanced Review – Uncorrected Proof
Faulkner, Colleen (Author)

Nov 2014. 300 p. Kensington, paperback, $15. (9780758255716).

Faulkner (Just Like Other Daughters, 2013) introduces us to McKenzie, Aurora, Janine, and Lilly, four women whose bond runs much deeper than friendship. Friends since they were teenagers, they have lived through everything together—marriage, divorce, babies, boyfriends, and girlfriends. Each summer, the four spend a month on the Delaware seaside in Janine’s childhood home, which is haunted with painful memories but also filled with the joyous ones they have shared over the years. But this summer it’s different—it is the last they will spend together because McKenzie is dying. Her terminal cancer diagnosis hangs like a black cloud over the group as they try and work through their individual demons while coming to terms with McKenzie’s illness and a future without her. Told from each woman’s perspective, As Close as Sisters shares the emotions of four very different women and their personal journeys through heartbreak, hope, and joy. Faulkner addresses serious topics that will evoke both tears and laughter while leaving readers contemplating the unbreakable bonds of friendship.
— Patricia Smith 

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